Join us for the 2024 Indigenous Conservation Campfire Conversations

Join us in 2024 for a monthly online discussion on Indigenous conservation. Each month, participants will read, listen or view content about Indigenous conservation. Our Indigenous Engagement Coordinator Bob Montgomery will then host an online conversation to discuss that article, podcast or video. 

This series is a judgment-free zone designed for professional curiosity and development. Ask questions, share thoughts and learn together about the importance of Indigenous connection to and protection of land, water and climate.

Here are the dates and links to what will be discussed each month.

  • January 30 Rejoining the Circle: Professor Leroy Little Bear, a knowledge-keeper of the Blackfoot First Nation of Canada, reminds us we are part of nature, not apart from it.
  • February 27 University of Alberta researchers are carrying out 140 Indigenous-led, place-based research projects to examine the links between the loss of biodiversity and the decline in Indigenous health.
  • March 26 Indigenous peoples defend Earth's biodiversity—but they're in danger
  • April 30 A Shared Future: Achieving Strength, Health and Autonomy through Renewable Energy Development for the Future
  • May 28 Indigenous-Led Conservation: The Key to Sustaining Biodiversity in Canada
  • June 25 Prioritizing multiple land uses and Indigenous values for conservation
  • July 30 Reconciliation through Conservation: Mining, the Environment and Development that Conflicts with the Rights and Values of Indigenous Peoples
  • August 27 An Indigenous Vision for Our Collective Future: Becoming Earth’s Stewards Again
  • September 24 How indigenous conservation protects Canada’s environment
  • October 29 How tribal co-managing movements are transforming the conservation of public lands
  • November 26 Tending Nature: Indigenous Land Stewardship

Register here in advance for these virtual meetings. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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