A Shared Space

A region unlike others, the Beaver Hills' hummocky terrain creates a variety of micro-climates that support a rich mosaic of wetlands, aspen and boreal mixedwood forest, sedge meadows, shrubs and grassland. This distinct landscape supports both boreal forest and parkland species creating a very high diversity of wildlife. Up to 48 mammals, 152 birds and 8 amphibians and reptiles have been reported in the Beaver Hills

More than 13,000 people live in the Beaver Hills Biosphere and many, many more live in the nearby urban centres of Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc and Edmonton. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors, tourists, nature lovers, recreationists and outdoor enthusiasts visit the region every year.

In this shared space, it's not hard to see that as the human population grows and visits to the region increase, wildlife encounters increase as well.

Living with wildlife is a commitment that must be shared by all residents and visitors alike. The Biosphere wants to foster a culture of sharing this extraordinary space with wildlife.