Highly Valued

The importance of the Beaver Hills extends beyond its distinct natural features and biodiversity. From its historical roots as important hunting grounds for Indigenous peoples, to the fur trade era and colonial settlement, the region also has a long history of human use and economic development.

Today, people living in the area benefit from a diverse economy based on agriculture and the industries and service-based businesses in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The region supports a good quality of life with a strong social security net that respects and celebrates a cultural mosaic representing, Indigenous people, early European settlers and more recent immigrants.

Recognizing the ecological and cultural value of the area, the Biosphere partners work together to champion sustainable economic development, while sustaining and enhancing the quality of life, ecological sustainability and ecosystem services offered by the moraine.

A Working Landscape

The Beaver Hills Biosphere is the result of communities, organizations, government decision makers, land managers and scientists coming together to collaborate on innovative approaches to conserving biodiversity while maintaining human well-being and the sustainable development of the economy at a regional scale. It is a lived-in and working landscape.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. As 'learning places for sustainable development' biospheres are uniquely positioned to contributed to the SDGs through their five main functions:

  • Conservation
  • Economic Development
  • Education (Research, Monitoring, Education, & Training)
  • Climate Action
  • Reconciliation

Biosphere partners promote a science-based approach to land use planning and management. Together, they have worked to build a solid foundation of knowledge to support sustainable development in municipal and other decision-making.

Did You Know

Over the years, the Biosphere and its partners have commissioned various programs and projects designed to support sustainable land use and management within the Beaver Hills and within the partners’ respective jurisdictions.

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