Summer Indigenous Book Club: It's a Wrap

“All flourishing is mutual.” Robin Wall Kimmerer

So many of the people connected to the Biosphere express gratitude for the beauty of the landscape in the Beaver Hills. We are so lucky to live in a place that shows its colours, hosts wildlife and allows us to connect with the land just outside of our urban lives.

What we don’t always remember is that Indigenous peoples have been living in and travelling through the Biosphere since time immemorial. The reason we get to enjoy this beautiful landscape is because they knew how to live harmoniously with the land.

This summer, the Biosphere hosted a book club to expand our understanding of Indigenous perspectives of our connection to the land. Professionals who have worked within or are associated with the Biosphere as well as guests took this opportunity to read and discuss Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer. This book helped us puzzle through our own assumptions of how we build relationships with the world around us.

Our conversations were rich and vulnerable. We helped each other to challenge our beliefs and take action. We found new ways to be in good relationships with the land and with the peoples who have cared for these lands for so long. Robin Wall Kimmerer beautifully weaves a narrative that helps us to build upon and question the things we know about the land and all of our relations who live within it. When we learn to flourish, we must also create space for those around us to flourish with us; all flourishing is mutual.

We will continue to offer opportunities to explore Indigenous perspectives on what it means to live harmoniously in the Beaver Hills and beyond; stay tuned!

Fall Book Club Update

The book club will continue with a fall session beginning November 2 with Spirit Gifting by Elmer Ghostkeeper. Learn more and register today or contact Bob Montgomery for more information.