Protecting Land in Strathcona County

Did you know Strathcona County currently has over 100 conservation easements registered, protecting over 1,275 hectares of land?

Conservation easements work to enhance our biodiversity which increases the resiliency of our ecosystems. They help safeguard watersheds and wildlife habitat, and maintain the natural landscape by providing residents with clean air, clean water, agricultural products and scenic beauty.

With the re-invigoration of the Conservation Easement program, Strathcona County representatives monitor the inventory on a rotating basis. The purpose of the monitoring is to document, through photographs and discussions with landowners, the positives as well as any issues related to having an easement on private property. The site inspection gives the County a chance to document different types of wildlife and vegetation that exist on the land, as well as land uses within the conservation areas.

Visit the County website to learn more.

On a related note

Emily Kabotoff will be presenting at the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists’ conference, Connecting Biologists to their Resources, in November 2019. Her presentation, I Spy With My Little Eye: Oblique Imagery & Conservation Easement Monitoring, will discuss Strathcona County’s Conservation Easement program as well as the new technologies being used to monitor the resource.