Five Instagram-Worthy Spots in the Biosphere

There are so many great places to experience in the Beaver Hills Biosphere. Today, we’re featuring five that offer beautiful backdrops and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. Check them out.

  1. Beaver Hills Biodiversity Trail
    These winding trails lie just 20 minutes east of Sherwood Park at 52535 Range Road 211. When you arrive, you’ll find a raised island of mixed-wood boreal forest surrounded by aspen parkland. These well maintained trails are great for a family hike, a photography session or a picnic get away. See it on the map.
  1. Elk Island National Park
    This historic wildlife refuge is open daily throughout the year and is conveniently situated just off Highway 16 east of Edmonton. There are so many places to explore within the park including the popular Astotin Lake. Take this opportunity to hike through the park or kayak around the lake as we settle into autumn. Find it on the map.
  1. Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
    This Alberta Parks lake is located 40 minutes south east of Edmonton. It is truly a bird watchers paradise whether you’re a beginner or experienced photographer. When the fall migration is underway you can capture huge flocks of ducks, trumpeter and tundra swans as well as the popular snow geese. Find it here.
  1. Golden Ranches Conservation Area
    A 40-minute drive east of Edmonton, this site lives up to its name as the trees and grasses around the ranch turn a dazzling golden hue in fall. Explore the mature aspen forest and open grassland or stroll down the shoreline of North Cooking Lake. Locate it here.
  1. Strathcona Wilderness Centre
    Experience nature at its finest at this year-round retreat. Explore the outdoors along the trails or enjoy a cozy fire at one of the numerous picnic sites. The Centre is located at Bennett Lake, 20 minutes east of Sherwood Park. Find it on the map.