Working together so people and wildlife in the Biosphere have the space they need to thrive

About the project

Many organizations in the Beaver Hills Biosphere work hard to keep habitat in the region connected and available for wildlife and people while ensuring working lands remain economically viable and intact. The Beaver Hills Biosphere and Elk Island National Park are partnering with stakeholders, community members and Indigenous Peoples to create a human-wildlife coexistence strategy for the Beaver Hills that respects the needs of people and wildlife.

The approach

We want to understand how people experience wildlife in the Beaver Hills. We have contracted Dialogue Partners Inc. to engage people connected to the region to gather information about how people experience wildlife in the area and learn how we can make these interactions better. The knowledge and experience of those who live, work and/or recreate in the area are essential to understanding how to share and manage a working landscape that sustains both people and wildlife.

Our goal

We will incorporate the advice and recommendations received during the community engagement into a Human-Wildlife Coexistence Strategy for the Beaver Hills. This strategy will then be incorporated into the Biosphere's broader conservation plan.

Share your insight and experience

Do you live, work or recreate in the Beaver Hills? We’d like to hear about your experiences with wildlife in and around the Biosphere. Participate in one of our online workshops and/or take our online survey.

Attend an online workshop

We are hosting two collaborative, online workshops about coexisting with wildlife in the Beaver Hills. During these sessions, participants will be encouraged to share their insight and experiences with wildlife in the area. We will work together to ensure people and wildlife all have the space they need to thrive in this unique Alberta landscape. The same material will be covered in both sessions, so choose the day/time that works the best for you. Register today:

Workshop #1 June 8, 2021 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Workshop #2 June 10, 2021 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Take the online survey

Can't attend a workshop? You can also fill out our online survey.

Need more info, have questions?

Contact Lindsay Humber with Dialogue Partners at (780) 306-7576 extension 105 or

Project Lead

Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve Association


Elk Island National Park Dialogue Partners



Coexisting with Wildlife in the Beaver Hills Biosphere - FAQs


Coexisting with Wildlife in the Beaver Hills Biosphere - FAQs


Frequently asked questions about the Human-Wildlife Coexistence project currently underway in the Beaver Hills Biosphere.