Helping humans and wildlife to live in harmony in the Biosphere.


Many organizations in the Beaver Hills Biosphere work hard to keep habitat in the region connected and available for wildlife and people while ensuring working lands remain economically viable and intact. The Beaver Hills Biosphere and Elk Island National Park are partnering with stakeholders and community members to create a human-wildlife coexistence strategy for the Beaver Hills that respects the needs of people and wildlife.


Individuals' knowledge and hands-on experience are essential to understanding how to share and manage a working landscape that sustains both people and wildlife. The Biosphere wants to know where and how people experience wildlife in the Beaver Hills and gather input on how these interactions could be made better, and will be connecting with key stakeholders and community members through a comprehensive community engagement process.


The key outcome of this initiative will be a human-wildlife coexistence strategy that will be incorporated into the Biosphere's broader conservation plan.

Project Lead

Beaver Hills Biosphere


Elk Island National Park


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