Quality of Life

Quality of life in the Beaver Hills is a balance of; a strong sense of community, economics and conservation of the environment. The BHI supports sustainable development in the Beaver Hills through information sharing with decision-makers, residents and area organizations assisting in maintaining a healthy quality of life. A balance of the three pillars of sustainability; economic, environment and social are key factors to the success of the Beaver Hills and the BHI.

The pressure to grow is tremendous in the Alberta Capital Region, the BHI supports responsible growth. The proximity of the Beaver Hills to the City of Edmonton and Sherwood Park permits residents and visitors to enjoy the rural lifestyle while keeping close to major services and employment centers. While enjoying an escape to Elk Island National Park, the Cooking Lake Blackfoot Recreation Area, Ministik Lake Game Bird Sanctuary or Miquelon Provincial Park or in your own backyard, nature is pristine and abundant. Social gatherings occur year round in the Beaver Hills, organized by wildlife enthusiasts, community leagues and churches encouraging and maintaining friendships. The BHI has strong partnerships and knowledge, continuing towards a strong sustainable future.

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