Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Working together for a sustainable region, through shared initiatives and collaborative action.

Our Vision

Through regional collaboration, the Beaver Hills is a resilient landscape that is capable of sustaining natural and cultural resources for current and future generations and where people live, work and play in harmony with nature.

Our Principles

Open Collaboration

  • Partners promote the BHI vision in their policies, plans and actions.
  • Partners understand their roles in contributing to the environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the Beaver Hills region.

Inclusive Engagement

  • Ensure success and support through community participation, education, involvement, and information sharing.
  • Respect the diversity of perspectives within the Beaver Hills region.

Shared Knowledge

  • Strive for a common level of knowledge that can be shared among all partners and stakeholders, enabling informed regional decision making supported by a common understanding.
  • Demonstrate excellence in biodiversity conservation and facilitate sustainable development practices so that people can live, work and play in harmony with nature.

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